Wednesday, June 11, 2014

What’s the difference between Google My Business, Google Places for Business, and Google+ Pages Dashboard?

Google is trying to simplify the life of small business owners

The confusion will hopefully come to an end, or at least it might be the beginning of the end.  Here is the official Google statement on the new name and the impact.

 If you previously used Google Places for Business or Google+ Pages Dashboard to manage your business information, your account has been automatically upgraded to Google My Business. Google My Business makes it easier than ever to update business information across Google Search, Maps and Google+.

One dashboard gives you access to all of the search related issues for making sure your small, local business shows up highly ranked on the keywords you care about. That is true. But as with so many things in life, that is just the beginning of the issue.

In order to show up where you want to under the keywords and cities that your customers are looking for, you need to have a whole lot more knowledge and skill. This blog has been established to provide those who like to DIY the opportunity to do so.  For the rest of you, who would prefer to hire a pro who can take care of these issues while you go do things you are better trained and equipped to do, you may want to hire me or some of the other companies that you will see referenced on these pages.

I only take a very limited number of clients at any given time, so I am happy to refer others who I believe can be of help. Don't hesitate to call 310-910-1848 or email me at if you'd like to discuss our services and availability. We do maintain a waiting list when we are full, so don't hesitate to call and discuss your situation. 

Google Announces My Business - Replaces Places and Google Local

Google My Business
Google My Business

 Follow the giants of online local business marketing as this new chapter unfolds

Google DOMINATES the local business marketing space, and as Yelp bites at their heels, they seem to have no plans to let go of that distinction. Today they have announced the end of the confusion over the name of what they do. Gone is Google Places (my favorite). Gone is Google+ Local (meaningless branding). Now we will have My Business (so so), or Google My Business (excellent - almost as good as Google Places), or GMB (Nooooooo!)

In any case, my fellow pundits in this space are thrilled, and Linda Bouguet opines that they have basically listened to folks like her and responded with the entire cookie jar of improvements that will make consumers, small businesses, and local business marketers happy. You would do well to join and see their updates as well.

I will add my own analysis over the next few days, so if local business marketing is critical to you as an owner of such or a marketer of such or a consultant to small, local businesses, you may want to subscribe.

I will try to bring in the best from other guru's and add my own analysis.  I have been writing about this always changing spot on the internet since before there Google Local Business Center was a gleam in the eye of the developers at Google. Check out my blog on Google Places, for one of the most complete spots to learn what to do and not to do with regard to optimizing Google's business directory by whatever name.

You will see that there has been precious little in terms of updates there for a year. That is because Google was in transition, and there was so much confusion that I felt it was counterproductive to try and make change after change.  The fundamentals outlined there had not changed, even if some of the specifics had.

Now that there appears to be a major overhaul, it is time to change the name of the blog, start afresh, and give you the full monty of ideas, approaches, and sins associated with this latest offering.  Please add your comments, disagreements, and any other aspects of each post that will advance the story.

I will be happy to entertain guest blog posts from respected sources.